Alpine A110 at Geneva Motor Show 2017

Alpine A110 at Geneva Motor Show 2017

The Geneva Motor Show 2017 has a surprise for many this year, and that is in the form of Alpine A110, a sports car that is one of a kind. After more than 20 years, Alpine has decided to release its brand new car and that too at the Geneva Motor Show. Starting the New Year with quite a bang! Alpine is a sub-brand of Renault, a French company that designed the first Alpine-like a Berlinette after the Second World War.

After waiting for 55 years, the original Alpine A110 finally has a successor in the market. It is a sports car which has specifications that are making it a rival for the new Porsche 718 Cayman in the car industry. The engineers have taken a step to build a mid-engine in this car with a 252 horsepower. What’s more surprising is that the manufacturers have made the car very light. It weighs only 1080 kg while the car speeds up to 155 mph which is its limited speed. Moreover, the car can accelerate up to a whopping 62 mph in less than 5 seconds. A car that weighs less and speeds more, what else could you ask for?

The engine placed in the middle of the two-seat car has four cylinders which are turbocharged at 1.8 liters. A gearbox with dual-clutch and seven-speed transmits the power from the engine to the rear wheels, making the light aluminium built car agile. Many are seeing it as a cross between Lotus and Porsche, but the design and specifications are tilting it more towards Lotus.

After having taken the Geneva Motor show by storm, the new Alpine A110 is also getting the attention of car lovers across the world, especially after coming back with a bang after 5 decades!

Alpine A110 at Geneva Motor Show 2017
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Alpine A110 at Geneva Motor Show 2017
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