How to Get the Most for a Non Runner

There always comes a time in a car owner’s life when they have to make the decision to sell their car. As great as it would be if all cars lasted forever, this simply isn’t the case as we aren’t that technologically advanced just yet. Selling a car that works is one thing but selling one that’s a non-runner can be an entirely different story.

If you found yourself in possession of a car that no longer runs, you are probably frustrated by the lack of options available out there. This is understandable; however, you must understand that dealing with the situation rationally and managing expectations are crucial.

You can’t expect a non-runner to fetch a large sum of cash. In some instances, especially when it comes to classic cars, you could potentially get a lot of money, but most standard vehicle owners won’t be so lucky.

Before you sell the car, consider the option of fixing it first. Depending on how badly damaged the vehicle is, investing a little money could make a huge difference. Selling a car that runs is much easier than selling one that doesn’t.

If you’re not interested in spending any money on the vehicle, you can still earn some cash on the car by scrapping it. There are many car scrapping services available out there, specialising in vehicles that no longer work.

This could be the best option for you, as not only will rid you of the old car you no longer require, but it will also earn you some extra cash.

It all depends on what your current situation is and how much work you are willing to put into selling the car. If you want to make a quick sale and aren’t too bothered about not getting a lot of money than scrapping the car could be your best option.

If on the other hand you are looking to get the most money possible, fixing the car and selling it to a reputable car-buying service could work better for you.

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