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HYUNDAI Kona sub-compact SUV

Hyundai is a car manufacturing company that needs no introduction. The company has proved themselves by releasing cars that have proven to be worthwhile. The company is coming up with a new addition to the SUV range. Not just that, it is made more special by the fact that it represents the lifestyle of a place called Kona which is located on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The company has always named their SUVs after some areas and locations, and the trend continues with this one. They say about the Hyundai Kona that it ‘’reflects the island’s energetic image and unique lifestyle’. However, it is referred to as Hyundai OS internally, as of yet.

The release of the car is confirmed. However, there aren’t many details that the company has disclosed. It is expected to come on the market for sale by the end of the year 2017. And for some countries, the launch might even extend to the start of 2018 as well. So anyone who awaits the model has a few months to practice patience. The price details or exact launch date is not known yet.

The car will come with a 1.2 liter or 1.4-liter petrol engine, and for diesel, it will be 1.4 liters. The maximum power will range from 82 to 99 BHP. The maximum transmission will be 5 for manual and 4 for automatic. For diesel engine, it will be six-speed manual transmissions. The car will be up against competition with Honda WRV, Ford EcoSport, and even Maruti, Vitara, Brezza. The interior of the Hyundai Kona will be similar to Hyundai Intrado as well as Creta.

Like all companies, Hyundai strives to become one of Asia’s largest firms as well. A lot of progress and struggle has been seen from the company to achieve this success. It is for the very same purpose they plan on launching a series of 30 remarkable vehicle models. These are expected to be released over the time span of a few years, by 2021. The Hyundai Kona belongs to this series too.

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HYUNDAI Kona sub-compact SUV
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HYUNDAI Kona sub-compact SUV
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