MOT Test

Taking Your Car To An MOT Test

When the time comes, and your car reaches three years old, it is time to start thinking about taking your vehicle for its first MOT test.  Once your vehicle reaches three years old, it is an annual requirement to MOT your vehicle.

If your car passes the test, you will be given a certificate which shows your vehicle is roadworthy and meets all safety and environmental standards. If you are unable to produce a valid MOT certificate, you will not be able to tax your car.  Also, without a valid MOT, your car insurance will not be valid.

How Much Will It Cost?

The price of the test can vary depending on the garage you are dealing with. However, there is a limit on how much you are allowed to be charged. Currently, for cars, it is £54.85 and £29.65 for motorcycles. The full list of prices for different vehicles is here.

What Does The Test Cover?

The MOT will take around 45 minutes to complete. The garage will check all the main components of the vehicle including steering, brakes, suspension, battery, speedometer and airbags.

Moreover, the garage will also check that there is no serious bodywork damage to the vehicle and the exhaust & petrol cap are both secure.

MOT Test

How To Prepare Your Car For The Test

Although you may feel like your car is still a youngster and therefore believe it will pass with flying colours, which is normal and you can expect this. However, failure rates are surprisingly quite high at this stage with one in five cars failing on their first MOT test.

So, the most common reasons for the failure of the test are lighting, signalling and braking issues. Nothing will slip pass any of the testers, so it pays to be well prepared and ensure your car is in top condition before you take it to the garage.

There are numerous checks you can carry out to help reduce the risk of your car failing its MOT. Starting with the lights check they are fully working. If any of the bulbs are blown, then you can usually replace them easily yourself.

Next is to check the tyre pressure, walls and tread to make sure they are in decent condition. Also, note that the legal limit is 1.6mm. Check over the windscreen to make sure there are no cracks and the wipers are working properly.

Make sure that the exhaust is not leaking when you start up the engine. Also, it would not hurt to clean up your license plate and ensure it is secured properly. A few more things to check are working properly is the horn, handbrake, seatbelts and mirrors. Don’t forget about all the fluids brake fluid, windscreen washer and oil levels too.

What to do if your car fails the MOT

Well, unfortunately, no matter how much work you put in to prepare your car may still fail the test. So, if this does happen there is no need to panic. However, but do be aware that it will work out to be more costly as you will have to pay for the necessary repairs.

Some good news is that if you have the repairs done at the same garage then you are entitled to a free retest! as long as it is done within ten working days.

Although even if the repairs are done were carried out away from the test centre you can still have a free retest if it is done the next working day and if it falls within a particular category.

MOT Test



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